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Women's UV Protection Hats
Sorted By Brim Size

Let us help you chose the perfect sun hat.The width of the brim is important to blocking the sun more hours of the day. When the sun is straight overhead, a smaller brim is fine. But as the sun nears either horizon, the wider the brim the better... and a downward sloping brim is even better.

The Chloe Derby sun hat.
Aruba, a fashion sun hat

Rebecca Derby Hat, a fashionable sun protection hat

Scarlet Derby Hat
Melanie, a wide brim Kentucky Derby hat for women
Rebecca Derby Hat, now available in 8 in., provides maximum sun protection for all your outdoor social events.
The Crushable Ribbon Braid sun hat in a 7 inch brim
Sun Fact - Don't forget to protect your lips.  They have little melanin, making them vulnerable to sun damage.

4" to 5" Brims

Global Adventure, a wide brim sun hat for ladies with big heads
Lola Derby Hat, a perfect hat for the Kentucky Derby and derby parties
Monique, a wide brim sun hat perfect for a day at the beach or gardening
April, a fashion trendy sun hat
Global Adventure
Available in L/XL
Angel Beach Sun Hat, the unique sun protection hat with the open back that allows you to recline on a lounge chair without your hat popping off.
Jenna, a sun protective hat with chin strap
Crystal, a fashion metallic hat
The Shores, a lifeguard style hat great for the beach, hiking or working in the garden.
Crystal Fashion Metallic Hat
The Casual Travel sun hat
The Crushable Ribbon Braid sun hat in a 5 inch brim
The Ginger wide brim sun protection hat.
Del Mar Derby Hat, a wide brim sun protective hat
Packable Casual Traveler
More colors available
$39.50 Size M/XL
$40.00 Size XL

Savannah, a wide brim sun hat
El Ranchero wide brim sun hat
Sue Ellen, a Western sun hat
Sun Fact - Don't forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet, ears, back of your neck and top of your hands.
Savannah Sun Hat
Sue Ellen Western Sun Hat
Colors available button for Sue Ellen Western hat
$35.00 Regular
$29.95 Special

Summer, a packable beach hat
The Sundancer womens wide brim sun hat.
Mia, a lightweight, packable sun hat
Vivian Hat, a wool felt winter sun hat
Vivian Felt Hat
Colors available button
$39.00 SOLD OUT
Trail Blazer hat, a hat with a legionnaire neck drape for neck protection

The Adventure Legionnaire style sun protection vented hat.

Santa Cruz Hat, a wide brim sun protection hat
Mako Classic Sun Hat, a sun protective golf hat
Trailblazer Hat
$24.95 Regular
$15.95 Special

Sport Cap with Drape, a legionnaire SPF hat
The DermSafe sun protection hat with legionnaire neck drape.
Cloudburst Rain Sunhat, a winter hat for women
The Zip Sun Visor - A unique wrap around brim with a zip off crown provide extra sun protection for the face and head.

The Sport Visor - A great golf sun visor, hiking visor or even water sports. Machine washable.
Wrap Around Sun Visor can be rolled up and carried in your purse for portable sun protection.

Clip On Visor Plus, a sun visor that protects your ears as well as your face.

Tahitian Visor, a UV protection visor hat
Packable Sport Visor
More colors available
Buy 3+ for $22.50 each


Under 4" brim

Ava, a winter wool fedora
York, an all weather winter travel hat
Havana, a golf sun hat
Frankie Fedora, a UPF hat
Ava Winter Fedora
$40.00 SOLD OUT
Havana Golf Sun Hat
The Vineyard Haven Sun Hat.
The Floppy Hat by Blue Bandoo. Cooling gel crystals in the hat band keep your head cool.
Aubrey Winter Sun Hat, a wide brim sun protection hat
Bella, a fashion church hat
Travel Hat, a packable hat for women
Kalahari Sun Hat, a sun protective hat that provides dramatic face protection also
Cruiser Camp hat, a sun protective hat

Off Shore Water Hat

Travel Hat
More colors available