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Men's Sun Protective Clothing Shirts

Sun protective shirts makes protecting from the sun easy. No "goopy" sunscreen feeling or worries about your sun protection rubbing or sweating off. And, some of our sun protective designs include special mesh vents for added air circulation and unique roll up collars. Sun damage is cumulative so it is never to soon, or too late, to wear UPF clothing (clothing with a Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating).
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Explorer Shirt, a sun blocking travel shirt
Versatac Shirt, the sun protective outdoors shirt with multiple pockets to store your valuables and equipment
Bone Flats Shirt, a ventilated outdoors sun protection shirt
The Bahama big pocket shirt. Quick drying, over size sun protective shirt that is great for fishing, hiking and other outdoor casual wear.
Bahama Big Pocket Shirt
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$48.00 Sizes XL and 2XL
Journeyman, an insect repellent sun protection shirt
Adventure Shirt, a sun blocking shirt for travel
Cool Man's Shirt, a sun blocker shirt
Equator Sun Block Shirt, a vented UV protective shirt
Adventure Shirt
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Polos and T-Shirts
Ultralight Tee, a sun protective shirt
Performance Polo, a sun protective shirt
Westchester Polo, a men's sun protection golf shirt
Versatile Short Sleeve Swim Shirt, the all purpose chlorine resistant shirt
Versatile Shirt
More colors available
$38.00 Regular
$24.95 Special

Sun Dickie, UV neck protection
Sun Fact - Chronic exposure to the sun causes wrinkles.
Sun Dickie
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Action Sport Tee, a sun protective camp shirt
Men's Short Sleeve Sport Polo - Sun Protection Shirt
Sun Fact - You are already sunburned when you see pink.
Action Sport Tee
$45.00 Regular
$24.95 Special
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Men's Sport Polo
$45.00 Regular
$31.50 Special
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