Offering Sun Protective Clothing for Men - Sun Block Pants for Work and Play Protect The Legs From Sun Damage and Skin Cancer


Sun Protection Pants

Wearing long legged sun protective pants is almost as comfortable as shorts. Very light fabric protects your legs from harmful UV ray. There is nothing nicer than finishing a day of fun and not having a sunburn to deal with.

Adventure Khakis, an SPF pant

Multipocket Pant-Lt, a sun blocking pant

Mesh Vent Pant, a vented sun protection pant with bug repellent

Multipocket Pant-Mid, a UV protective pant
Insect repellent and sun protective pantsSPF Mesh Vent,
Insect Repellant Pant

More colors available
Bushwacker Weatherpants, a sun protective pant with Insect Shield
X-Treme Adventure Pants, sun protective pants
Air Strip Pant - Sun Protective Clothing
Sun Fact - You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.

Air Strip Pant
$68.00 Regular
$49.95 Special
2XL only