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Just 4 Fun!

The selection below is NOT sun protective. This selection is Just 4 Fun:) When out shopping the world to bring you the best in sun protective products, we would see other fabulous item we knew you would love. This page is a smattering of some of the exciting products we thought would bring a smile to your face. Check out our cute winter hats, unique winter skin/snowboarding gloves, chemo head scarves, warm winter scarves.... and, we will be adding new exciting items through out the year.


Unique Specialty Items
Jessie, a ladies cowboy style hat
Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Shorts aid in weight loss and cellulite reduction
Bio Ceramic Capris aid in weight and cellulite reduction
Sun  Fact - You can still get sunburned on a cloudy day.
Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Shorts
More colors available for Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Shorts
$43.99 Regular
$39.99 Special
Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Capris
More colors available button for Bio Ceramic Capris
$54.99 Regular
$49.99 Special
Spring Rainwear
City Slicker, a rain bucket hat
Storm Rain Poncho, a stylish rain poncho that can be easily packed Sun Fact - If your skin is pink, you are already sunburned.
Storm Rain Poncho
Winter Headwear
Dynamax Quick Combo, a balaclava ski mask
Miranda, a winter knit cap
Jocelin, a water resistant bucket hat
Trista, a wool winter hat with houndstooth pattern
Miranda Knit Cap
More colors available button for Miranda
$40.00 Regular
$34.50 Special
Jocelin All Weather Bucket Hat
More colors available for Jocelin Bucket Hat
$32.00 Regular
$26.95 Special
Trista Wool Fashion Hat
$24.00 Regular
$19.95 Special
Brandi, wool felt hat
Jamie, a wool winter hat with floral accent
Megan, a winter cloche style hat
Jody, a wool felt bucket hat
Brandi Wool Felt Hat
Colors available button for the Brandi Wool Felt Hat
$36.00 Regular
$29.95 Special
Jamie Wool Cloche
Colors available for Jamie Wool Cloche
$30.00 Regular
$24.95 Special
Megan Winter Cloche
More colors available button for Megan Winter Cloche
$24.00 Regular
$19.95 Special
Jody Felt Bucket Hat
$44.00 Regular
$34.95 Special
Winter Accessories
Priscilla, fashion leather gloves for cold weather
Roxy, winter leather gloves
Stratos Glove with heat pack pocket
Nordic Neck Up, cold weather protection for your neck and face
Priscilla Fashion Gloves
More colors available for Priscilla Fashion Gloves
$42.99 Regular
$22.00 Special
Roxy Winter Leather Gloves
$78.99 Regular
$29.95 Special
Stratos Glove with Heat Pack Pocket
$78.99 Regular
$58.99 Special
Nordic Neck Up
More colors available button for Nordic Neck Up
$32.99 Regular
$20.00 Special
Health Products
Chemo Head Scarf, a fashionable head covering for those with hair loss
Crinkled Cotton Chemo Head Scarf, a stylish head scarf for those with hair loss
Sun Fact - UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation.