Sun Hat For Men - Legionnaire Styles, Wide Brim, Baseball Cap Styles That Also Protect The Face *** Sun Protection Hats


Men's Chin Strap Sun Hats

The Chin Strap becomes important when it is a windy day or when you are doing an activity where you are moving fast like boating. A wide brim hat picks up the wind like no bodies business.

The Vineyard Haven sun hat. A great big head hat and also fits smaller head sizes too
The Shores, a lifeguard style hat made of straw
The El Ranchero Sun Hat - An extra wide brim for extra UV protection.
Sport Cap with Drape, a legionnaire sun hat for men

The Mako Classic sun hat

Adventure Hat by Sunday Afternoons, a stylish sun protection hat
Key West, a men's straw sun protective hat

The DermSafe legionnaire style sun hat

Cruiser Camp Hat, a UV protection hat with chin strap

Highlander Hat, an SPF with a chinstrap
Wax Haven
Cloudburst Rain Sun Hat, a winter hat for men and women
Cascade Rain hat, a sun protection hat that also protects against rain
Off Shore Water Sun Hat, a sun protection hat for the water sports enthusiast
Reefline, a water cap for all your extreme water activities
Cascade Rain Hat
Colors available button for the Cascade Rain Hat
Dawn Patrol, a sun protective water bucket hat.