Baby Sun Protection - Baby Sunglasses and Kids Sunglasses with 100% UV Protection For The Eyes


Kids and Baby Sunglasses

Infants and children are more vulnerable to the sun's harmful UV rays because their young eyes are more transparent than adult eyes. UV radiation more easily passes through, leaving kids more susceptible to retinal damage. Sun damage is cumulative so the younger a child starts wearing sunglasses the better.

Kid BanZ Sunglasses, UV protection sunglasses
Kid Banz Sunglasses protect your child's eyes from harmful sun rays.
Sun Fact - UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000 feet of elevation.


Kids Swim Goggles
Banz Goggles protect your child's eyes from the sun's UV rays
Banz Goggles provide UV protection for your child's eyes
Sun Fact - You are already sunburned when you see pink.
Banz Goggles
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