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Pretty in Pink

Protecting from the sun is important for everybody, especially when you are out in the sun for a prolonged period of time. Training for the big breast cancer walks, such as the Susan G Komen 3-day Walk, is a prime example of being outdoors for hours under the sun. I (Marta, SunGrubbies.com owner) trained with a friend of mine a number of years ago, thinking I was Ms. Macho walking 5 miles a day once a week while she continued training to walk 20 miles a day three days in a row. We talked about sun protection but she was not really interested until she saw a freckle pattern in the shape of her bra on her back. She had worn an everyday T-shirt for her walks and thought she was being protected. So with sun protection in mind, here is our selection in pink

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The Zip Off Crown sun visor in pink The No Headache in pink
Breast Cancer Walk Visor, a UV protective sun visor
Breast Cancer Walker Hat, a sun protective hat

Sun Visor with
Zip Off Crown

More colors available.

No Headache
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Breast Cancer Walker Hat
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Pocket Sleeve Tee, an SPF shirt
The Sunscreen T Shirt
Cirrus Water Shirt, a chlorine resistant sun protective shirt
Versatile Shirt, a chlorine resistant sun protection swim shirt
Pocket Sleeve Tee
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Sunscreen T Shirt
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Versatile Shirt
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$29.00 Special

Ultimate Sport Shirt, the shirt for the active woman
Sun Dickie, UV neck protection
Sun Fact - Don't forget to protect your lips against the sun.  They have little melanin and are vulnerable to sun damage.
Solar Face Shield
More colors available.
Sun Dickie
More colors available button for Sun Dickie, UV neck protection